Farmers Market Vendor Information

Farmers Market Vendor Information
Name Block - Full
Address Block - US
Do you have a Producer's Certificate?
If you do not, please visit: or call 562 622 0426
Do you have a Business Licence for the City of Los Angeles?
If you do not have a license, please visit: or 844-663-4411
Do you have a healt permit for hot or prepared food?
If you do not have a license, please visit: or (310) 965-8900
Submitting Documents
Please submit phone number, and copies of business license, insurance, agricultural certificate and public health permit to and cc
Which vendor needs what document
Agricultural vendors need producers certificates. Prepared and hot food vendors need public health permits and business licenses. Craft vendors need business licenses. For plant or flower sales, get a license to sell nursery stock and a business license. You may call 1-844-663-4411 with questions.